Third National Agricultural Mechanization Exhibition, 2074 Dharan, Sunsari

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Slogan: “कृषि यन्त्र र प्रविधिको उपयोग व्यबसायीक कृषिको आधार” 

Organizer: Government of Nepal, Directorate of Agricultural Engineering of Department of Agriculture, Nepal Agricultural Machinery Entrepreneurs’ Association (NAMEA)

Date: 22 - 25 February, 2018 

Exhibits: Over 1500 modern farm equipments/machinery, processing technologies, mechanized irrigation, protected agriculture technologies of 25 countries

Stall: 170 stalls

Exhibitors: 100 comprising national importers, producers, distributors, local manufacturers and Indian manufacturer 

Visitors: 30 thousands from 60 districts, comprising farmers, farmers group and cooperatives, politician, policy makers, bureaucratic, students, scientist and researcher, entrepreneur and business community. Some from Sikkim also. 

Business during Exhibition: NPR 150,000,000/-